A note on the draft of Dinar and Dirham

April 30, 2015
A note on the draft of Dinar and Dirham
Dr. Muqtadir Hamdan Al-Kubaisi



Al-Sheikh Mustafa Al-Dhahabi left behind a legacy of manuscript which still exists in many libraries, demanding its review and publication. The note with us, which we’ll review today, although it’s short in size however it’s highly important, i.e., it is describing to Muslims, back to the era it’s composed in, the rights on their wealth (zakah), regardless they are golden Dinar or silver Dirham, besides the magnitude of adulteration in those monies. During the times of Al-Sheikh Al-Dhahabi, the adulteration was on peak i.e., especially in the golden currency, while comparatively less in silver currency. So in his note, he clarifies the actual estimations of Dirham and Dinar in his era, and he placed a fantastic table wherein registered the types of currencies in exchange, be they golden or silver. Similarly he also described their names, their correct weight and the amount of adulteration in each of them. It is not only the Sheikh who is alone to write in this field, as he himself has a lot of writings in the same field addressing several other topics.

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