Commercial papers and their Shari’ah ruling

April 30, 2015
Commercial papers and their Shari’ah ruling
Prof. Muhammad Bawni



Commercial papers are the tools for financial and banking dealings since the old age. They were invented to be an alternative mean for dealing in money or carrying it, as well to be away from risks emerging from possessing and transferring the money. Subsequently, it turned to be the tool for payments and financial liability settlement, as well for guaranteeing the monetary loans and dealing in it ,therefore it were made transferable to specific monetary values; Therein the law intervened and mandated the use of it within the commercial banks and financial institutions. What are the commercial and financial papers? Is there any difference between them? Are both of them the means to settle, invest and saving the money? Can they be transferred finically that has brought them under issues of currency, and transaction based on money, trade, and settlement of the civil and social liabilities of financial nature? This research is an effort to answer the above set financial and practical issues, in addition to expressing the ruling for dealing with those papers and the extent of Shari’ah permissibility for it. The research also tries to answer whether it is a part or dealing in interest or it

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