Digital Finance Role in Islamic Finance Growth Reinforcement

October 14, 2018
Digital Finance Role in Islamic Finance Growth Reinforcement
Dr. Fadul Abdul Kareem Al-Bashir



The new realities of humanity are being shaped by modern technologies; ideas, information and knowledge, which have become commercial tools through the use of advance digital technologies with rational approach. The study aims to analyze variables of the transition to the digital economy, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, large data, and cloud computing; so to demonstrate its advantages and disadvantages; its reflection on the economic aspects; with emphasis on the role of digital platforms in promoting the growth of Islamic finance; as to descriptive analytical method. The research deals with the concept of the digital economy, its advantages, criticisms, and the transformation of technologies in the formulation of new concepts of creativity and development, while assimilation of the contents of modernity in the lives of people in various fields as well as the change it will make in dealing with money and other services in Islamic financial institutions.

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