Digital Islamic Banks “Objectivity Purview”

October 1, 2019
Digital Islamic Banks “Objectivity Purview”
Dr. Murad Boudaia



The research aims at objectivity review as a measure for compatibility of digital banks as well as its nature and challenges with Islamic banking in the context of present instance and future expectations: vis-à-vis foreseeing the future of Islamic banking operations as required by the objectives of Shari’ah related to the preservation of wealth. To do so, the nature of digital banks in general is defined in addition to counting on its specifications and challenges; thereby the objectives pertaining to preservation of wealth are elaborated, and the extent of compatibility of such specifications and challenges with Islamic digital banking from objectivity aspect are stated. The paper adopted descriptive and analytical approaches to serve the purpose. The research concluded that if the Islamic banking intends to transform entirely to the digital arena, it shall initiate appropriate procedures and policies in line with its monetary system, significantly by establishing an apparent legal premise for defining the boundaries of digital operations and organizing the relationship grid of stakeholders. Keywords: Islamic banking, Objectivity purview, Digital banks.

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