Economic corruption between the Islamic Jurisprudence and Algerian Law

October 10, 2016
Economic corruption between the Islamic Jurisprudence and Algerian Law
Dr. Shariff Gayat Radiya Dagman



This study seeks to provide a vision descriptive and analytical about the role of Islamic economics in the fight against economic corruption, from the premise that economic corruption is a phenomenon mainly caused by the non-application of what ALLAH is doing, and not to the completion of what ALLAH has forbidden us to him, any non-compliance with the provisions and principles of Islamic law in general, and in the field of economic transactions in particular. Faced with the fact that corruption was a serious phenomenon known to all societies in all times, and their size is on the worsening to the point of becoming threatening many societies stagnation and perhaps collapse, so the face of this phenomenon in the light of the current system is no longer useless, but that the use of the Arab countries to the Islamic system has become imperative inescapable to address this phenomenon. Thus, we find that the Islamic economy has presented, concerning its distinctive high-end and principles derived from the book of ALLAH, and the Sunnah of His Messenger MOHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him), solutions to the problem of corruption – in general – and the economic corruption in particular, and this will inevitably lead to the achievement of sustainable development in Arab countries, including Algeria. Key words: Islamic economics, corruption, economic corruption, Algerian law.

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