Evaluation of the experience of teaching Islamic finance in France

April 2, 2019
Evaluation of the experience of teaching Islamic finance in France
Mohieddin Al-Hajjar



The interest of non-Muslims in Islamic finance is a phenomenon deserving attention. After the last financial crisis, teaching and infrastructure of Islamic finance have become active in France. Given the geo-strategic impact of France and the eminence of its educational system, this experience is of extreme importance, making it worthy of interest and analysis. This is why we used the inductive methodology to present the various teaching experiences in France, by presenting its different categories and the objectives of each project, in order to present a quantitative analysis of the different types of training programs. In fact, we can notice the low percentage of specialized research centres, official training programs and training programs offered by Islamic institutions. The French experience faces many difficulties, notably the relatively high fees, the absence of the opportunities in France and the need for new graduates to travel abroad to seek jobs in this sector. We can offer some suggestions for activating and developing this experience, such as cooperation between French educational institutions and leading institutions in the Arab world, providing financial support to French institutions to reduce registration fees, and activating research centres such as the Sorbonne CEFN. Key Words: teaching Islamic Finance, Islamic Finance programs, research chairs, France.

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