Foundations and Characteristics of Green Economy within Islamic Economy

April 4, 2021
Foundations and Characteristics of Green Economy within Islamic Economy
Mohammed Yahya Mohammed Alkebsi



In general, the Islamic Economy represents the Green Economy through its due care of the environment and optimal treatment of the natural resources and by catering the sustainable development by means of reinforcing the values of faith, promulgating the rulings of Shari’ah, and refining the behavior towards the environment and its protection. The basic elements on which the Islamic Economy stands for serving the Green Economy are multiple, it includes exalting the value of economic resources, valuing the benefits of goods and products, promoting the optimal use of resources, benefiting from the multi facets of a single resource, ratifying the principles of resource sustainability concept, protecting the environment, preventing the wasteful use of resources, goods and products, preserving the cleanliness of the environment and the land in general. Similarly, highlighting the importance of waste reduction, stimulating the reuse and recycling of products and commodities and ascertaining the overall balance between production and consumption based on moderation and considering the order of priorities while using the resources. Islamic Economy has points of distinctions from other forms of positivist economies with regards to the concept of Green Economy. The Islamic Economy is linked to the divine inspiration and Islamic law (Sharia) that adds to the economic resources a dimension of mission and faith pertaining to this world, as it also links it to a number of Sharia rulings stemming on Islamic law, similarly, it has distinction in terms of extensive and comprehensive philosophy regarding the consumers and resources. The research study concluded that the Islamic Economics adds a lot to the Green Economy in terms of the scientific literature, so much that such scientific literature can be transformed into regulations and implementation tools to protect the environment. Moreover, it may encourage Muslims towards embracing as part of faith and work in in consonance with sustainable development based on its immunity animating from self-adherence to the directives of Islamic law among Muslims. Keywords: Green Economy, Islamic Economy, Environment, Sustainable Development, Resources

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