Impact of Moral Values on Islamic Economics Behaviour

April 30, 2017
Impact of Moral Values on Islamic Economics Behaviour
Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif bin Abdullah Al Abdullah Al-Latif



Ethics is an important aspect influencing human behavior. Such ethics and values are found in every society based on its ruling and legislative system, which dominate and organize all walks of life. Society’s ethics govern the state’s relationship with its citizens, and amongst community members themselves as well as to meet all needs of their communities. They are numerous determinants of the concept of ethics and vary among various doctrines and trends. In Islamic concept, ethics is a system of knowledge and work, in response to a duty imposed by religion to achieve a good conduct and behavior with oneself and others. Islamic religion is essentially a set of values and obligations to be complied with by human himself, and toward other creatures. The holy Qur’an and Sunnah have set a comprehensive system of ethics and values for all aspects of life since it is a religion of the State and nation, and acts of worship and dealings. All ethics and conducts are integrated in the religion to form a practical belief which cover the requirements of life and the human soul, as a unique religion and applicable at all times and places. As a result of this integrated legislation, there were comprehensive controls for economic activities so as to reflect such ethics and values in the economic behavior This paper aims to describe those ethics in Islamic legislation based on the holy Quran the Sunnah, through which they can be enhanced and applied to all economic aspects as one of the main practical behavior in the society. The paper concluded that there should more efforts and work on rooting Islamic values and in the minds of young generation of Islamic nation through educational systems, and to enact laws and regulations in Muslim countries in accordance with the sources of Islamic legislation. More extensive studies of ethics are also needed particularly those related to business ethics and dealing in Islamic Economics.

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