International Murabaha in Islamic Banks

August 25, 2014
International Murabaha in Islamic Banks
Ibrahim Hasan Jammal



The research problem of international Murabaha in Islamic banks regardless of its wide implementation as finance mode – lies under its complicated mechanism, besides its linkage with international system of deals which are making the Murabah a subject of arguments for many. The questions are directed equally regarding the base of Murabaha, its practical application and the accomplishment of the Islamic banking aims. The study aims at describing the detailed Shariaah rulings for Murabaha format along with its application in Islamic banking i.e, in an effort to evaluate Murabaha. The study has adopted the indective method for exploring the views of the scholars regarding the details of the transactions whilst the descriptive method for explaining the implementation mechanism. The research has a number of conclusions, prominent among them are: presence of Shari’ah problems in implementing the format and its execution in some of the Islamic banks. Significance of awareness by Shari’ah boards about the details of financial products and its execution in conventional context while expressing the appropriate Shari’ah view. Need of Shri’ah supervision over the financial products at each and every stage to assure the Shari’ah compliance, besides activating the role of Shari’ah supervision at Islamic banks.

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