Islamic Indexed Electronic Money

April 30, 2017
Islamic Indexed Electronic Money
Dr. Owaisi Ameen



This paper aims to proposed new Islamic monetary-financial product; it came under the name of “Islamic Indexed Electronic Money”; it is creating a special kind of encrypted money (cryptocurrency) that helps to do e-commerce in the Arab-Muslim world? as well as meet to settle the debt immediate and deferred obligations electronically. The most important result reached by the researcher in this paper is the need to find an Islamic solution to the problem of electronic transactions in monetary terms. Moreover? that means finding a way to pay electronically the transactions; and that last must be compatible with Islamic Sariah and prevent falling into forbidden Transactions? especially usury resulting from the decrease of value of money. Islamic Indexed Electronic Money is a proposal as solution for all Arab-Islamic countries to establish a modern e-commerce? sophisticated and compatible with Islamic Sariah; it is also the solution for the settlement of payments between countries with a fixed value united currency.

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