Risks associated to Islamic Financing Instruments

October 30, 2017
Risks associated to Islamic Financing Instruments
Dr. Muhammad Shareef Basheer Al-Shareef and Dr. Nawal Abdel Monem Bayoomi



This paper aims at evaluating Faisal Islamic Bank Sudan (FIBS) in financing of small and craftsmen enterprises during the period from 1985 to 2014. The paper also analyzes financing policies adopted by the bank in supporting of these enterprises, including financing conditions, methods and fields. The present paper uses a descriptive analytical approach to assess and investigate the bank performance in the area of financing small and craftsmen enterprises. The findings confirmed that Faisal Islamic Bank Sudan was marked by the experience of using alternative modes based on Islamic finance. The findings also revealed that the bank has effectively provided concessional terms and non-traditional financing facilities to small and craftsmen enterprises. The FIBS was able to meet the needs of these enterprises, and helped them to have a direct savings towards productive sectors which contributed to promoting economic and social development. Keywords: small and craftsmen enterprises, Islamic finance, microfinance, Islamic banking, Faisal Islamic Bank Sudan.

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