Role of Islamic Development Bank in Growth of Active Islamic Capital Markets

March 30, 2016
Role of Islamic Development Bank in Growth of Active Islamic Capital Markets
Dr. bin Rajm Muhammad Khamisi and Dr. Hsnawi Bilal



The main objective of the study is looking to the possibility of activating the emerging Islamic financial markets through the strategy of the Islamic Development Bank in promoting Islamic banking and its institutions, for reaching this objective, the study starts with clarifing the definitions of the Islamic financial market, in addition to expose to the conceptual framework of the Islamic Development Bank and challenges faced it, then the study addresses its contribution in the activation of the Islamic financial market strategy, relying on developing Islamic finance industry according to Islamic sukuk Programme and strengthening the banking industry infrastructure through the Islamic financial engineering. The study concluded that the bank has succeeded in activating the emerging Islamic financial market in partnership with the International Islamic Financial Market through the condensation of issuance of Islamic sukuk and trade them in the Islamic financial markets inside and outside the Islamic countries and with different currencies. The Bank has also created the Islamic Institute for Research and Training to carry out scientific programs and training sessions to support Islamic finance, as well as the Bank invested in the shares of Islamic financial institutions and emphasis on renovation and modernization of the banking system, and providing an appropriate environment for the Islamic banking industry through technical assistance programs and advisory services in member states to do so meaningful to the establishment of an Islamic financial markets in the Member States whose mission is be to diversify issuances and achieve Feasible economic returns. Key words: Islamic Financial Market, Islamic Development Bank, Islamic sukuk, Islamic finance, Islamic Financial engineering

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