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Method Two

Submit the search by sending it directly to the e-mail of Bait Al-Mashura Journal

[email protected]

Article Submissions

Researchers must review the publishing standards before submitting the search.

Submitting the research is considered as a consent and acceptance by the researcher for the publishing rules of the journal.

The article can be submitted either by direct submission on the paper writing service demonstration ideas journal’s website or by sending it to the journal’s email: [email protected]

All personal information of the researcher must be provided.



Endorsement and pledge

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Author’s information form

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Publishing Domains

The journal accepts the submissions for publication in the below areas and their sub divisions, which are not limited to the following:

  1. Fundamentals of Islamic Finance
  2. Fundamentals of Shari’ah
  3. Islamic banking
  4. Islamic capital markets
  5. Islamic money markets
  6. Islamic insurance (Takaful)
  7. Basics of jurisprudence and Shari’ah and their modern application in the field of finance
  8. Corporate governance in Islamic perspective
  9. Social responsibility in Islamic perspective
  10. Shari’ah compliant investments
  11. Shari’ah compliant risk management
  12. Islamic derivatives
  13. Shari’ah compliant sukuk, shares and funds
  14. Shari’ah compliant capital partnership
  15. Shari’ah application in light of modern finance
  16. Islamic finance and financial systems
  17. Shari’ah compliant wealth management
  18. Islamic Accounting
  19. Shari’ah Auditing
  20. Scientific reports published by conferences, seminars and workshops related to Economics
  21. Research and studies in the behavioural economics and ethics
  22. Studies in the field of economic regulation
  23. Economic review and critiques of academic dissertations: Master’s thesis and PhD researches related to the journal’s specialization

Publishing Policies

First: General Publishing Standards:

  1. The Journal publishes articles related to Islamic economics in both Arabic and English, whether original researches, reports and proceedings of conferences, seminars, workshops or thesis proposals related to the field of specialization.
  2. The journal shall publish researches that have never been published before, by any means of publication, not been submitted for publication in another journal. The researcher shall confirm the same with a written undertaking.
  3. The researches submitted to the journal are not recalled whether published or not published.
  4. The research may not be published elsewhere after it has been approved for publication/published in the journal, except after obtaining written permission from the editor in chief.
  5. In the event that the researcher is found to be in breach of the academic integrity, the journal has the right to take the necessary action and notify the same to the co-journals.
  6. The journal is not required to detail the reasons in case of the research was not published.

Second: Special Publishing Standards:

  1. The researcher should adhere to the objectives and ethical values of scientific researches, including but not limited to:
    1. The originality and integrity of the research paper, both scientifically and intellectually.
    2. Refraining from offending individuals and institutions while undertaking scientific criticism in research.
    3. Addressing contemporary issues and that are in need for human realism in theoretical and applied spectrums.
    4. Ensuring the adherence to the objectivity without influence of any personal tendencies and trends.
  2. The manuscript should meet the following scientific standards for presenting research:
    1. The linguistic accuracy free from linguistic and grammatical errors.
    2. Proper application of the punctuation and spelling rules.
    3. Accuracy in editing and citing the texts and references.
  3. The number of pages of the research paper should not exceed (30) pages of normal (A4) size, including the summaries: Arabic and English, as well as the references and annexure.
  4. Font size and type:
    1. Researches submitted in Arabic should be submitted in Traditional Arabic font: size (16), with margin line (12).
    2. Researches written in English should be submitted in (Times New Roman) font and size of (14), with the margin of (10).

  1. The researches should be accompanied by abstracts in both Arabic and English, in no more than 300 words in a clear language. Both abstracts should include: Clarification of the research subject and the new idea presented at the beginning of the abstracts.
  2. The research has to be divided and organized according to the requirements of the research method in order to maintain the styles of the researches and reports published in the journal as following:
    1. The introduction which shall includes: the research’s subject, significance, problem, limitations, objectives, methodology, literature review (if any), and detailed research structure.
    2. The research contents should be divided into subtopics systematically and coherently.
    3. Ensure that a specific idea is presented in each section to avoid prolonged paragraphs and sub-headings.
    4. Conclusion should summarize the research and give a comprehensive outlook including the most important (results) and (recommendations).
    5. List of sources, references and annexes.

  1. The citation method should be applied as follows:
    1. Researches in English language shall use (APA) format for in text and bibliographic citations.
    2. Researches in Arabic Language shall adopt the below methodology for citing the sources and references:
      1. The sources and references in the footnote for the first time are mentioned as follows: (Author’s nickname, first name, source material, place of publication, publisher, edition number, publication date, volume and page)
      2. The source and reference are mentioned when recurred in the next foot note directly (ibid., volume and page) and when mentioned in another place of the research (the author’s nickname, name of the source, the volume and the page).

3. If the reference is lacking some data, the abbreviations shall be as follows:

1. Without the place of publication: (Untitled Publisher). Without the name of the publisher (Unknown Publisher)

2.Without edition number: (Undated Publication) Without publication date: (Undated Publication)

4. Footnotes are placed at the bottom of each page with sequential numbering from the beginning of the research to the end.

5. The sources and references of the research shall be indexed at the end of the research.

6. Graphics, data, tables, etc., to be placed as follows:

1.Graphs and illustrations are included in the text, in black and white colours, numbered sequentially, and their titles and annotations are written at the bottom.

2.The tables are listed in the text, given serial numbers and their titles written on the top while explanatory notes written below the table.

Third: Research Submission Procedures

  • Research papers are sent electronically via email to the journal’s email address at: [email protected]
  • The editorial board of the journal shall conduct the initial examination of the research, and then decide whether it is competent for review or rejection.
  • The researches and studies submitted for publication in the Journal shall be reviewed by at least two reviewers.
  • The research shall be returned to the researchers after review for the purpose of amendment, if necessary.
  • If the search is accepted for publication, all the copyrights shall be reserved by the journal and may not be published by any means of paper or electronic publishing, except with the written permission by the editor in chief of the journal.
  • The accepted papers are published in its sequence on the official website of the journal.
  • Once the research is published, the researcher will be provided a free copy of the journal in which the research has been published.