The Role of Endowment in funding Scientific Research

October 10, 2016
Prof. Dr. Osama Abdel Majid Alaanie



The shortage of funding scientific research affect negatively the future of science in universities and scientific research centers in the Islamic world. Which requires search for new sources of funding to cover it. Research trying to show the role of the endowment in supporting scientific research, which scored prominent effects in this area across the Islamic historical experience and recorded impressive results today at the Western universities who featured the first places on the world rankings. The research seeks to answer the following questions: What is the role played by the Islamic Waqf in our world in the field of scientific research? What role currently played by the Waqf in the Western world in the field of supporting scientific research? Is it possible for Waqf to contribute at the present time, in supporting scientific research, and what are the main forms of activation it? Key Words: Waqf (Endowment), Scientific Waqf, Sukuk of Waqf

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